Kitchen mural — The Hague

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#Maze series

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#House series

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Mural at IJssalon Koen Rotterdam

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Mural inspired by the architecture of the building. Window openings start an imaginary dialogue in which abstract shapes appear, deform and evolve. The large illustration communicates a playful environment additional to [...]

Master thesis – a Tale of the Performing Hand

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In today’s shift from the drawing board to the screen, draftsmanship, along with its characteristic gestures is often seen as a relic. What was once taken for granted, might soon be [...]

Section 23 – visual + written

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A Tale of the Performing Hand is a written and visual response to the changing role of the architects’ sketch and drawing process. The house described in the book Flatland (Abbot,1884) [...]

a Tale of the Performing Hand – booklet

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Graduation project june 2017 Book design Thesis PDF

Objects in balance – Mural Yoga studio

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a vertical stacking of things; Objects and attributes in and around the yoga studio. The elements, trying to find their balance together, vary from blocks and yoga mats to heat panels [...]

‘Het puberbrein van de overheid’ – illustrations

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'Het puberbrein van de overheid' -  Informatie beheer in ketensamenwerking This set of 5 illustrations was made in support of a written report for the ministry of OCW (Onderwijs, Cultuur en [...]